Injectable HGH – How Long to Notice Results?

People ask all the time: I’m shooting HGH, when should I expect to see results? The answer: In about one year. Then they freak-out. And that’s IF they’re exercising and eating correctly. Growth hormones signal the cells to be young, repair faster, and live longer. But there ain’t no flashbang – now you look like a million bucks. Get real. Also, these poor fools are shooting bogus product from God knows where. There is NO legitimate synthetic HGH to be had in the US. Sorry. So if you’re purchasing what you think is legit HGH from a puffed-up idiot at your local gym…you’re the bigger idiot. Good grief, turn your brain on.

Good news, our antler velvet – GF 8,500 is legit, works better than synthetic HGH, does throw-off a few results quickly, and costs a fraction of the price. Unlike synthetic HGH, within 3 months, you will notice performance gains – and you will look and feel fresher. (I never noticed ANY performance gains on synthetic in 15 years) People will even compliment your new look and attitude. But again, as with synthetic, it will take a year of living correctly, with continuous use, before you look in the mirror and say – “Wow, I’ve never looked like this before.”

Growth hormones are a way of life, not a steroid water-swell, and for those consistently living this life, you will eventually notice every benefit…to include a rocking body. Don’t be short sighted about growth hormones…or about any goal! Remapping your body at the cellular level takes time.

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How to Shave TWO inches off your waistline in One Month

Here is a simple, healthy, filling, high energy, and inexpensive daily diet plan to achieve 4% body-fat…for those with discipline. On this diet, I shaved two inches off my waistline in just one month:

This diet requires ‘Raw Fiber’ (found at Whole Foods $35), ‘True Mass’ (by BSN found at the Vitamin Shoppe or GNC $40) and my veggie shake formula (found on my website toolbar). Once the veggie shake is made in the morning and these necessities are assembled, here it is:

  1. First meal of the day – Serving of veggie shake.
  2. One hour later – One serving of Raw Fiber.
  3. Second meal of the day – Another serving of veggie shake.
  4. One hour later – A second serving of Raw Fiber.
  5. Third meal of the day – Polish off the remaining veggie shake.
  6. Fourth meal – A ‘sensible’ regular meal.
  7. Early evening – Serving of True Mass.
  8. One hour later – Third and final serving of Raw Fiber.
  9. NOTE: Squeezing in a second ‘discretionary meal’ is okay, so long as it’s legitimate food and a reasonably sized portion.

Water should be consumed in-between meals throughout the day, between 80-120 ounces, depending on how active you are. This might look complicated, but once you get what you need and plow through a day, you’ll discover it’s easy.

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Avoiding Dropper Issues with the 8,500 Deer Antler

Concentrating at twice that of our competition, there is simply no way to escape the possibility of the dropper tip getting clogged on the first use. Unlike our previous formulas which might’ve required a pin prick through the tip of the dropper, the new formula usually clears with a stout puff from the mouth. Then again, some don’t. One option after initially clearing the stopper is to store the bottle on it’s side. (Corbin figured this one out) Another alternative, instead of using the dropper: If you have steady hands, you can dispense it into a teaspoon (exactly one dose), and then pour it under your tongue. Always remember to shake the bottle vigorously before each use.

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A Cutting Steroid – What Does that Mean?

A ‘cutting steroid’ does not shred you out; these are ‘efficient’ steroids, meaning, if you diet hard while taking such a drug, they will help you retain what muscle you have…or at least most of it. Shredding-out is still all up to your diet! The most common cutting steroid is Anavar, but if you’re eating like a hoss while taking this or any steroid, you’re gonna fatten up like a hoss, because Anavar is still a strong anabolic steroid. In summary, there are no magic drugs that will negate an awful diet, only substances which can help…if you’re doing everything else corrretly. For me, all steroids are puff and stuff. I prefer to eat correctly and take Growth Factor. This allows me to run at 5% body-fat year round without toxic drugs. And this should be everyone’s goal: to eat correctly year round and maintain a lean physique year round. Cycling up and down in weight is terrible for your heart.

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8,500 mg Deer Antler (GF) is here…at a third the price!

$100.00 Retail for a one month supply! Each bottle of Growth Factor MAX KILL contains 8,500 mg of the following Human Bio-Identical Growth Factors: Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP), epidermal growth factors (EPG), erythropoietin (EPO), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), Growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF9), Insulin like growth factor (IGF) 1., Insulin like growth factor (IGF) 2., Interleukins, Nerve growth factor (NGF) as well as other neurotrophins, Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), Transforming growth factor alpha (TGF-a), Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-b) and Vascular endothelial growth factor.

Our Cutting-Edge Technology: Not only do we source the finest antler velvet, we’ve added black polyrhachis (black ant powder), suma root, macuna prurens, ginsing, and black nettle to each bottle for maximum absorption in accordance with recent studies from the University of Warsaw and Moscow State University. Our formula mirrors the Russian Olympic Team, but is twice the concentration.

Currently only available locally for pick up, delivery, or at Guy Mezger’s Combat Sports Club.


julie leapsSoaring far above the competition! FYI: Julies’ clean, training for the Olympics:/

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Why Antler Must be Suspended in Alcohol

Many folks question why their ‘expensive’ antler product must come suspended in 191 proof grapeseed alcohol. First off, a month’s supply of ‘correctly’ processed and packaged antler has about the same alcohol content as a cup of mouthwash. Having said as much, there are three mandatory reasons for using grapeseed alcohol: 1. The unique wood fibers within the grapeseed draws the growth factors from the antler. It’s part of the extraction process. Without it, there is NO extracting the growth factors where they can be utilized within the human body. You might get the many other homeopathic benefits of antler, but NO growth hormone benefits. 2. The alcohol cures and enhances the effectiveness of the growth factors. Without the curing process, the growth factors will come out weak and compromised. 3. Alcohol preserves the growth factors.

Grapeseed alcohol is insanely expensive, especially the permit, tax, and requisite insurance. If I could ditch it, trust me I would.

If you ever see an antler product using anything other than 151+ proof alcohol, like fruit juice – DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY! Unless it cost under $10:)

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LADIES: A 10 Minute Butt Workout utilizing Stairs

You don’t need a gym or fancy equipment to get-in an effective workout, but we’re spoiled blind now, so let me run one simple workout on you gals, especially good for when travelling, using a box or stairs.

We all walk stairs daily and are accustomed to the movement, so if we intend to use them for ‘exercise,’ we must achieve 3 primary objectives: First, expand the movement (either by speeding it up, adding weight, or stepping higher – say from a 6-inch step to a 12-inch step – or stepping up 2 stairs at a time). Goal 2: Integrate directional movements where we end-up comprehensively working every muscle within the legs, by stepping to the sides, front, and rear, even off-set at 45 degree angles. And finally, we’ve gotta conduct enough sets and repetitions to make it a legitimate workout.

A 10 Minute Butt Workout: Standing at the foot of the stairs, step directly forward and up (2 stairs at a time) 20 times on your left leg, then 20 times with your right. Next, turn perpendicular to the stairs and step-up sideways 20 times on each side. Then step ‘down’ and forward 20 times with each leg (This is a downward forward lunge…so step out far and don’t bend the knee beyond 110 degrees, making for a long lunge, not a deep lunge).

This completes one set or round, having now worked the legs from every angle. For a legit workout, punch out 6 rounds of this. Sounds like a lot. It ain’t. You can do this in 10 minutes.

May everyone have a nice derriere.

$50 Jump box offers 3 different heights: 12, 14, 16 in.IMG_1944

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FREE Training with a Case Purchase of Growth Factor

My tragic business reality: Despite my fanaticism over growth factors, it’s hard selling people on magic dope…unless I can get them to stick with it for a year. Then I own them. So that’s my pitch to most folks: ‘Don’t be short-sighted; turn off your brain; just take the stuff daily for a year; then lets talk…and I’ll sell you some more.’ In truth, if anyone started drinking water, exercising, and eating raw veggies daily, after a year, they’d all look like swimsuit models. Now here’s what I’m selling, or adding – the only freebie in the equation…the growth factors which repair every cell in the body, ie the youth signals. (Don’t pass this up!) As a world renowned drug user, abuser, and loser, be assured, my products are the top tier HGH assets available here on earth.

This Month’s HOOK: If you purchase a case of twelve ‘Super Youth’ 1,500 mg., or ‘Over-Dose’ 4,500 mg.,I’ll sit with you, discuss where you’re at, determine what’s realistically doable for you, carve up a best plan for results and move you through a workout. (I’ve got 2 workout facilities at my home…depending on whether you sweat or glaze:) Getting results isn’t rocket science, nor need it be brutal, only intelligent and correct.

Please read about both products on our toolbar. Message center: (972) 768-5991.


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The Differences between HGH and Testosterone

Although both hormones contribute to beauty, youth and strength, they have different action within the body. Testosterone, being an anabolic hormone, will cause instant nitrogen (water) retention within the muscle cells, hence immediate size and strength, even though it’s water induced and stupid looking. On the other hand, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the master hormone signaling ALL cells within the body to stay young and repair faster. (HGH is a much broader approach to cellular health and longevity, and therefore, obviously takes more time to manifest results. But those results are real…and not water puff!) If I were to go off Growth Factor, my body-fat would not jump from 4.5% to 12% in a month or two. If I were on steroids and suddenly quit, EVERY result would instantly disappear (which really ain’t a bad thing for all those steroid looking dorks out there). Please check out ‘Super Youth’ and ‘Over Dose’ on my toolbar. It’s the best thing going!

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Getting Better Highs from Your Drugs: Great Scoop

Sure, this might sound controversial, but if you’re an addict or alcoholic, this information is drop-dead relevant to YOU. Think of all the pill-poppers, pot-heads, coke-sniffers, and even the steroid baboons, forever chasing that original high – long gone forever. The reason: Their receptor sites have grown used to these drugs, hence, greater and greater amounts of these substances are required to achieve the same effect.

The correct solution: Go outside, and exercise your butt off! In doing so, you’ll clean-off every receptor site, and you’ll be back in business…as far as your drug efficacy goes. Yes, absolutely, I’m duping you into some exercise, but if you’re a junkie, is that really such a bad thing? Hey folks, like anything else, you’ve gotta earn your highs in life!

A great example of cleaning off receptor sites: I once swam a 26 mile race between two Hawaiian Islands, Oahu and Molokai – the Kaiwi-Channel. Took a lot out of me.

Afterwards, instead of downing a bottle of Gatorade, a buddy handed me a single can of Miller Light. That can of beer might as well have been heroin. I’ve never felt that good in my life…why…because my receptors were clean, and more importantly, I’d earned it! (Now if I could just earn some money)

Carr Collins
black and whiteEvery swim was always a long swim:/

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