ALL GF Clients: Want Your SKIN Measured FREE?

Although our skin study is full, I’m now equipped with nifty field measurement tools, so if you’re a local client, I’ll be glad to take and give you those figures. (You can hang on to the skinformation yourself; then we can measure again in 6 months to a year). Also, please note: GF Super Youth 1,500 mg has been reduced in price to $150, and we now offer ‘4,500 mg Over-Dose.’ (Yes, it’s accurately named Over-Dose, because it’s truly too much. But the hardcore athletes, including myself, still insist there’s a difference…)

Please read about GF on our website:

xWhat’s wrong with youth?

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Cocaine Addiction Study: Growth Factor

Three physicians from Baylor will be interviewing applicants for COCAINE abuse on Dec. 14th, and nothing else. Please stop sending…’I smoke pot…definitely include me in your study.’ This study is sponsored by Baylor Medical School – for cocaine abuse, and we’re looking to help folks who really need it, not to subsidize freeloading bodybuilders. If you’re suffering, I know the drill, we’re here for you – especially vets. Please contact me at:

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Women Wanted: GF Skin Study, and Addiction Study

My company will be sponsoring two women’s studies this winter: One to access the rejuvenation of skin while taking Super Youth 1,500 mg; the other, to independently determine GF’s ability to diminish drug and alcohol cravings.

As I’ll be handing out thousands of dollars in product and services, the selection process will be…intelligent. For the skin group, we’ll be selecting women who already exercise daily, drink lotsa water, and eat their raw veggies. (I’m looking for women postured for results) As for the addiction group, I want drunken coke-heads. And I’ll promise you two things: One, I’ll maintain your confidentiality like Fort Knox, and two, taking my product, you’ll live longer, at least by a second, might even look better.

Criteria: Must be female, over 40 years old, live the requisite lifestyle – pro or con, be located in Dallas, and able to meet twice a week for consultations and or measurements.

If interested, please shoot me an email and I’ll be in touch:

dggsLet’s get young folks!! 50 YO!

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My Conversion Story: Injectable HGH to Deer Antler

After 18 years on injectable HGH, I won’t lie, my conversion to deer antler came with tears and screaming, but like so many times in life, I was in the wrong. Thankfully, antler was shoved down my throat. How and why? I became agreeable to trying an antler preparation in 2009, when the FDA froze all ‘legitimate’ HGH in the US. That’s the only reason.

Six months later, using a 1,000 mg antler concentration, I remained at 4.5% body fat, remarkably, then my performance shot through the roof.

In every aspect, from skin quality, to lean muscle mass, and athletic prowess, correctly refined deer antler worked better than synthetic injectable HGH! So what did I do? I started making the stuff myself…but much stronger and cleaner than any other man in history. (Making money has never been my primary objective in life) If you want the most effective growth hormones on earth, buy them from a discerning drug addict…me!

This Drug Addicts Promise: If synthetic HGH worked better than refined antler, you can bet your soul…that’s what I’d still be taking…and selling.

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Suffering Drug or Alcohol Addiction? I got YA!

Numerous studies prove deer antler reduces alcohol and drug cravings, and God knows I need the help, as do many others just like me. And every addict client I have has reported this same phenomenon. Why? Because growth factors have a balancing effect over all hormones. That’s why we feel better on it. This is also why women report better moods and less menstrual issues. If you suffer addiction, try me out, you’ll like it. And why not look better along the way?



Our online store is located on the toolbar.

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THREE Giveaways this month – with NEW Formula Orders!!

ALL orders this month will come with a FREE bottle of ‘Metabolic Activator,’ and a FREE bottle of ‘Liver Giver,’ (both old inventory), and a signed copy of my new book, ‘Winners and Losers.’ Here are the new formula prices (brought to you via profit cuts):

1,500 mg Super Youth: In my six years of personal antler research, this formula, at this concentration has ‘maximized’ everyone’s growth factor blood levels. This is a maximum dose for anyone! I recommend this formula for all adults, especially women seeking optimum longevity, health, and body composition. (One month supply: $150; One year: $1,400 – includes tax and shipping) 

4,500 mg Over-Dose: This triple strength formula will NOT raise blood values higher, but ALL athletes, including myself, swear they perform better when triple dosing, so here it is, by far the strongest concentration on earth. (One month supply: $250; One year supply: $2,400 – includes tax and shipping)

Clearing OUT old inventory: The old stuff rocks, but after suffering dropper issues, I’ve decided to sell the remainders at a significant loss. (And there isn’t much left) Individual bottles of our previous formula, 1,500 mg GF: $100! Year supply: $1,100. (Sorry I can’t absorb the shipping losses, but if you’re local, I’ll drive to you)  CARR: (972) 768-5991.


What are Epidermal Growth Factors: Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF) rejuvenate and speed the healing of skin cells, and our product usually elevates EGF blood levels by 50%!

Who are our Clients: Athletes, and beauty and longevity minded women, staving off the aging process.

What are Growth Hormones and Growth Factors: Growth Hormones signal the liver to produce 18 growth factors; which in turn, signal every cell in the human body to stay young, repair faster, and live longer.

Proven Benefits from our Product: Hormonal balance, thicker skin, increased metabolism, faster injury and training recovery, increased muscle mass, better body composition, higher immune function and greater endurance. Performance Enhancing: Explosiveness, muscle recovery time, endurance capacity, strength and body composition can all be improved by GF. It has been proven to reduce body fat and resting creatine kinase levels and increase strength, time to exhaustion, anaerobic performance, and VO-2 max. Other Benefits: GF is proven to repair photo synthesis damage resulting from sun exposure and may reduce signs of skin aging. It will enhance the healing of tendons, ligaments, bone and connective tissue. It increases motor neuron activity and supports nerve transmission. Our product is also proven to reduce drug and alcohol cravings, menopausal symptoms and depression.

Each bottle of Growth Factor, a one month supply, contains either 1,500 mg or 4,500 mg of the following Human Bio-Identical Growth Factors: Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP), epidermal growth factors (EPG), erythropoietin (EPO), fibroblast growth factor (FGF), Growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF9), Insulin like growth factor (IGF) 1., Insulin like growth factor (IGF) 2., Interleukins, Nerve growth factor (NGF) as well as other neurotrophins, Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF), Transforming growth factor alpha (TGF-a), Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-b) and Vascular endothelial growth factor.

Meet the finest and strongest GF on earth…still!!!img_1873

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Stressed over Problems?

Over the past several months, I’ve awoken to question my purpose here on earth, actually thinking I’ve got too many problems. (Yes, patently ridiculous) This funk quickly passes, but this morning I had a miraculous change of heart. It’s not that I have too many problems; I actually have too many choices. After all, all problems boil down choices, more choices, even if those are forced decisions. And the more choices, the more options…all the better.

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How Steroids AGE a Man – Personal PROOF!

Wish I could say I’ve never screwed with them, but steroids have screwed me hard, and I’m not referring to the puffy, beet-red, perpetually sweating insomniac; I’m referring to the idiot who is aging TEN times faster than everyone else. Yep, I can scientifically prove it.

There’s a 50 dollar, extremely telling blood test called the CRP (C-Reactive Protein Test); which measures cellular inflammation. The CRP test is our best indicator for risk of cancer, heart disease, infectious disease, and stroke; and quite literally, indicates how fast we’re aging. The CRP scale runs from 0-10, 10 being disastrous. Most doctors freak at 4, but healthy folks should freak at 2. If you’re over 2, you need to examine your lifestyle. There’s an offender in the mix…as you’ll see shortly in my story.

Here’s what steroids did to my CRP. Last week, my CRP measured .25, as usual, an excellent number, but not three summers ago. A now deceased Dallas police officer swapped me 100, 5 mg tablets of Anavar, still stapled in the bag from CVS on Cedar Springs (undeniably real) for a bottle of my Growth Factor. (I figured: Why not, haven’t taken roids in forever. And…Anavar is the safest, or rather, least toxic oral steroid)

After taking HALF a pill daily (2.5 mg) for only two weeks, I felt ill and went in for bloodwork. My CRP had spiked to 2.1! (Ten times the previous inflammation!) In a very real, empirical way, you could say I was ‘aging at light speed,’ literally ten times faster, or, ten times more likely to suffer a heart attack, stroke or debilitating disease.

In the five years I’ve been tracking my CRP, this is the only time it’s jumped, much less…exponentially. Stay away from steroids! And if you’re addicted to steroids and suffering from body dysmorphia, trust me, because you’re the only person on the planet who doesn’t see it: Steroids make you look stupid. When I see a fool with that distinctively steroid puff, the LAST things I think are: Athlete, great conditioning, and cool guy. No, more like, ‘God, please help that poor dork.’ (And I’ve been that fool)

Everyone, please track, and if necessary, respond correctly to your CRP.

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Forget Aerobics – EPEOC burns Fat and builds Stamina!

Dr. Ken Cooper now rescinds his 1970’s aerobic message in favor of training which triggers EPEOC: Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (IE: Interval Training).

Here’s why: We used to think that elevating our heartrate for extended periods of time was beneficial – it’s not! The human heart, like any motor high-revved for extended periods of time…will burn out early. Who doesn’t know an endurance athlete who died in their 40’s or 50’s? Nobody.

So how is EPEOC different: By raising our heartrates to near-max, and then allowing them to fall almost to our resting rate, before again, driving them to max and repeating the drill, not only builds fantastic cardio, but triggers our bodies to burn excessive amounts of oxygen for HOURS following exercise, hence – tremendous post exercise fat burning for hours.

In summary: During a 30 minute EPEOC workout, you can burn 10 times more fat than the gal torturing herself for two hours each day on the elliptical runner, while you truly work only 10 minutes.  Examples: Up at the track, sprint the straights and walk the curves. Lift maximum weight for 30 seconds continuously (like deadlifts or clean and press), then rest 60 seconds before repeating, conducting at least 10 rounds. Or, pick any exercise you’re into that rockets your heartrate, keep it there for thirty seconds, and then rest until it falls back down before repeating. It’s not how long you work; it’s how high did you drive your heartrate, and how many times did you drive it there.

Keep your workouts short and highly effective!

julie223Women can also perform squats and dead-lifts!

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Growth Hormones are a Lifestyle Change

You don’t cycle growth hormones, and in truth, you never should’ve cycled steroids. Maintaining ‘optimal’ and ‘consistent’ hormone levels is the key to success. (Your body hates chaos!) The correct mindset: Taking Growth Factor or injectable HGH should be a forever lifestyle change.

If you remain on Growth Factor and keep on keeping on with the good life: YOU WILL REAP REMARKABLE RESULTS!

Coming next week: Our new formula! Still the finest and most potent on the planet.

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