Healing Faster – with Growth Factor

Being a growth hormone user for the past 24 years, I’ve always noted how quickly I recover from internal injuries: Broken shoulders, two neck injuries, countless torn muscles, and even stress fractures healing almost immediately. Recently, I’ve also noticed how quickly I heal externally. Stumbling into a bunkbed last Saturday at a friend’s house, I gave myself a shiner, around three sides of my right eye. Three days later, I’d normally resemble a raccoon. To my surprise, it was completely gone! (Sure wish I’d taken photos) If you’re having surgery, play combat sports, or have other healing needs, check out Growth Factor on our toolbar. It’s the fountain of youth! And it comes with a bloodwork guarantee.

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Growth Factor: Too Potent and Proprietary to be Sold on Amazon

Yep, just informed. Oh well. Their loss. It’s the FDA I’m worried about, stepping in, declaring GF a drug, and ruining my tiny financial life. So rush your finger to the ‘store’ button, and buy as much as you can afford:) On a redeeming note: Amazon does carry my books, so they aren’t all bad. It’s okay to shop on Amazon for those.

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Why did I Start and Stick with Growth Hormones?

‘Stepping out on faith’ is required from every buyer unfamiliar with growth hormones. I see the yearning in their eyes: ‘Can I trust you? Does it really work? What Carr, have you truly noticed in your own experience?’ Like most, I initially stepped out on faith, but with long term expectations to stave off the aging process. I didn’t start with a plethora of immediate expectations. Now: Why did I stick with it? Because I got leaner and tighter than ever before, much tighter. And I’ve remained that way for 20+ years. Truthfully, I would go without a car…long before I’d go without Growth Factor. The second giant benny for me, was continually breaking through performance barriers, even today, especially today. I know exactly what my body can and cannot do. As I continually push past performance barriers at the age of 51, I can’t deny the edge. I’m a better athlete today than I was at 20.

Also, I notice I heal, more quickly than in my youth. I walked into a bunk-bed and gave myself a black-eye last Saturday night. By Wednesday, my shiners would normally be dark. Instead, mine was completely gone. Broke my right rotator in a motorcycle wreck. Killer pain. Back to normal within six months.

So those are my ‘anchor reasons’ for sticking with Growth Factor. Of course, I gladly accept the many other benefits. Everyone who sticks with growth hormones, does so, because they also, notice that one big ‘physical something’ that really changed for the better, that they then, never wanted to lose. (I cherish 4% body-fat…at my age) If you’re attempting to improve your health, looks, and or performance, don’t leave any advantage on the table, especially the easiest and most effective.

All about Growth Factor:newlogo

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The Truth about Distilled Water

Distilling water isn’t about ‘filtering out’ the chlorine, sand, lime, fluoride, etc. and killing every known virus; it’s the opposite. It’s about removing the water from those impurities. (Distilled means the water has been burned into vapor, leaving everything else behind, and then cooled into a separate reservoir) It don’t get no cleaner than distilled! For those who’ve heard distilled water strips the body of nutrients, yes it does, but that ain’t a bad thing for folks who eat right. It’s a very good thing. Most athletes eat a healthy diet and won’t suffer mineral and electrolyte deficiencies from distilled water. Their bodies will remain perfectly in balance. EXCEPT their bodies will be MUCH CLEANER. Distilled water does strip away some nutrients, but it also strips out toxins and metals. Drinking distilled water every day is like doing a ‘cleanse’ every day.

Then there’s the argument that distilled water is acidic. Yes, the carbon in the air will react with distilled water, taking it down to ph-6…just like every other water on the planet. The acid argument is another red herring.

If you’re eating correctly, I hope you’re drinking distilled water. The finest and easiest home distiller is made by H2O Labs, the model 200, cost a mere $200, and works day in and day out. I love mine! Best of all – I’m not contributing to the landfill anymore.

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Making Progress – The Correct Mindset

The correct mindset is: Forget about results, and just do the next right thing, day in day out. Sounds hard but it’s not. I’m simply talking about forging a new routine which should include: Fresh veggies, water, exercise, and hopefully Growth Factor. Then, once locked in the routine, you’ll be on virtual auto-pilot. And that’s when results start flowing in, from all directions, when we’re not looking! Then it’s no longer a routine, but an addiction. FACT: Each small and correct step we take moves us closer to a better life, and conversely, each wrong step closer to the grave. In summary, think of making a lifestyle change for better health, nothing more. I promise, everything else will fall into place. Right living = right looks.

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Testing Your HGH Levels at HOME for $70

First off, HGH (human growth hormone) is what keeps us young, so for athletes and health conscious folks, this hormone level is important. The cheapest and easiest way to measure your overall growth hormone levels is by testing for IGF-1 (the muscle growth factor, which again, is the cheapest to test for, and yields a fair indication of all GF levels). These days, you can determine your levels with an at home, finger prick, test kit, which you simply mail back to the lab. Then they email you the results. (No doctor required) The kit I use is by ZRT Laboratories, and it’s just as accurate as a traditional blood draw. (I get both done all the time, and they’re always consistent) BUT TEST YOURSELF FIRST THING IN THE MORNING BEFORE YOU EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING. For those who elect to test themselves, based on my 25 years of study, these are the normal markers for most people. Most men and women over 40 have IGF-1 levels ranging between: 90-120. Hardcore athletes can test as high as 140-165. People over 40 injecting synthetic HGH typically run between: 280-320. This is way too high! Tripling your hormone levels is NEVER a good idea. Only BAD things can happen. Especially with age! Shifting back to numbers: People on my product (Growth Factor) usually range between: 150-200, manifesting significant benefits without burning down the house. NOTE: I’ve had some customers whose blood values did not go up, although they still swear by the stuff, and continue to buy from me. My best thinking on this: I’m guessing their bodies, for whatever reason, don’t want their circulating blood levels elevated and they’re quickly and efficiently passing the extras. Conversely, some 40+ year olds have naturally occurring HGH levels over 300, and they’re lazy and fat. There are some unique paradoxes I one day hope to understand.


The ZRT home kit laid out. Be sure and forward your blood work to me:)

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Antler Man – The World’s Leading Authority

How dare I? Because: I’m the only manufacturer who’s been a 5 year user/athlete, and former 20 year HGH injector who knows the differences, has tracked his bloodwork – AND has had the luxury of tracking 100 other athletes my age, again, over this same 5 year period. As for these other guinea pigs, I know everything about them: What they eat, what drugs they abuse, how they exercise, how they feel and perform, and most importantly, have tracked their blood values. Evidently, from everything I’ve read on the internet, I’m the only man on the planet who knows anything: About what formulas work, what don’t, and how a correct concentration effects the body…in terms of actual manifested results. If you’d like to know everything currently known, click on the ‘blog category’ on the FAR right side of my page in tiny blue italicized letters: ‘Deer Antler – Growth Factor.’ You’ll literally be reading my research in reverse chronology, ending with, ironically, how I initially became a solid believer back in 2011. Trust me: I was a difficult convert!

For a short summary on our product, please click on the black toolbar header in the center: ‘GROWTH FACTOR.’

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Is there Blood in the Toilet?

This isn’t a glamorous topic, but for athletes who notice blood after a sit, let’s run a few traps. First off, if it’s dark blood, like black in color – go straight to the doctor! You’ve got internal problems. That aside, if it’s bright red in color that means local bleeding, like hemorrhoids or a rectal tear. Potential causes for a rectal tear: Deep squats, heavy squats, or overdoing any deep leg movements. If you can easily remember the event, that’s probably it. If so, mild bleeding could persist for up to a month, or more. No worries, just lighten up a bit. You’ll heal. I always do. If it’s extremely painful, lighten up a lot.

Now, if there is blood in the urine, do not pass go! Drive straight to the doctor. But don’t get fooled by beets. Newcomers to juicing often call me freaked out. Beets have a LOT of pigment, in addition to a LOT of perfect nutrition.

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How Collagen and Botox injections DESTROY the Skin

Women spend a fortune on short-term looks, many injecting collagen and Botox into their faces. This destroys the skin and accelerates the aging process, here’s how: Let’s start with collagen, the connective tissue that holds the skin to the body. With age, our natural collagen breaks down, hence our skin loses its fullness and firmness. Injections beneath the skin with a filling substance, in this case, ‘artificial collagen,’ pushes apart, disrupts and can tear whatever existing natural collagen remains, so when the injections deplete in 3-6 months – tops, the underlying condition is then worse, perhaps much worse. Injecting Botox is equally stupid. Botox is a poison that people inject to paralyze muscles, primarily to reduce the appearance of lines on the face. Yep, these folks are injecting poison, as if that poison is obedient and will remain only within those muscles…never to harm the facial skin touching those muscles. Get real. You wanna know why older ladies get that smooth, but dead spooky looking skin? This is why. And imagine how that poison effects their brains? Or not.

The alternative: Why not renew the skin, instead of destroying it with short term madness? Everything beautiful comes from the inside. We all know it. My product, Growth Factor is loaded with Epidermal Growth Factors. In fact, so loaded, that if you get your bloodwork done, you’ll see about a 50% elevation in your EGF levels. Not to mention, a 50% boost in your Bone Morphogenetic Proteins (healthy strong bones). Ladies, I’ve got your magic product. And please don’t get hung up on the word ‘growth.’ Think ‘repair’ factor. That’s what growth factors do.

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51 Years of HARD Living – Offset with Veggies and GF

a 51Today is my 51st birthday, and the truth is, I’m lucky to be alive, mobile, or even conscious with an IQ over 70. Despite a lifetime of wrecking myself, I’ve managed along, all thanks to raw veggies (please check out my veggie shake formula on the toolbar) and growth hormones (please check out Growth Factor on our toolbar). Both will offset ‘unhealthy’ living…to a very real extent.

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