The Differences between HGH and Testosterone

Although both hormones contribute to beauty, youth and strength, they have different action within the body. Testosterone, being an anabolic hormone, will cause instant nitrogen (water) retention within the muscle cells, hence immediate size and strength, even though it’s water induced and stupid looking. On the other hand, HGH (Human Growth Hormone) is the master hormone signaling ALL cells within the body to stay young and repair faster. (HGH is a much broader approach to cellular health and longevity, and therefore, obviously takes more time to manifest results. But those results are real…and not water puff!) If I were to go off Growth Factor, my body-fat would not jump from 4.5% to 12% in a month or two. If I were on steroids and suddenly quit, EVERY result would instantly disappear (which really ain’t a bad thing for all those steroid looking dorks out there). Please check out ‘Super Youth’ and ‘Over Dose’ on my toolbar. It’s the best thing going!

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Getting Better Highs from Your Drugs: Great Scoop

Sure, this might sound controversial, but if you’re an addict or alcoholic, this information is drop-dead relevant to YOU. Think of all the pill-poppers, pot-heads, coke-sniffers, and even the steroid baboons, forever chasing that original high – long gone forever. The reason: Their receptor sites have grown used to these drugs, hence, greater and greater amounts of these substances are required to achieve the same effect.

The correct solution: Go outside, and exercise your butt off! In doing so, you’ll clean-off every receptor site, and you’ll be back in business…as far as your drug efficacy goes. Yes, absolutely, I’m duping you into some exercise, but if you’re a junkie, is that really such a bad thing? Hey folks, like anything else, you’ve gotta earn your highs in life!

A great example of cleaning off receptor sites: I once swam a 26 mile race between two Hawaiian Islands, Oahu and Molokai – the Kaiwi-Channel. Took a lot out of me.

Afterwards, instead of downing a bottle of Gatorade, a buddy handed me a single can of Miller Light. That can of beer might as well have been heroin. I’ve never felt that good in my life…why…because my receptors were clean, and more importantly, I’d earned it! (Now if I could just earn some money)

Carr Collins
black and whiteEvery swim was always a long swim:/

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Greater Endurance: with Soda-Doping

Believe it or not, baking soda is considered a performance enhancing substance, and is on almost every banned substance list. Why? Because baking soda (sodium) helps prevent the buildup of lactic acid within the muscles, hence, greater strength and endurance. Soda-doping works remarkably well. Important note: If you elect to soda-dope before your next event, the dose is ONE tablespoon, NOT two. If you take 2, you will get the shits. And why people keep taking 2 spoons and complaining to me later I will never know. 1 spoon! 1 spoon!

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Can You Over-Dose using GF 4,500 mg: Yes and No

‘GF 4,500 mg Over-Dose’ is currently the most effective and powerful preparation on the market, and although it’s non-toxic at any concentration, I’ve personally noticed two of the more common HGH overdose symptoms (only when I cycle above 4,500 mg/per month): Mild cramping in the palms of my hands, and tiny dots on my belly. (Check out my stomach in the previous essay’s photo entitled: ‘Triceps: 10 Best Exercises.’) You might have to click on ‘home’ to view that article. Those are the dots I’m talking about.

Now I can live with those two issues, but if you can’t, then keep your dosage = to or < 4,500 mg per month. I officially named it ‘Over-Dose’ for good reason.

NOTE: Even our ‘1,500 mg Super Youth’ formula maximizes blood values and throws-off every benefit, at $100 less per month than ‘4,500 mg Over-Dose.’  ALSO, don’t forget, until this June, we’re taking skin measurements for ALL clients that I can touch. (Everyone is now welcome in our skin study)

Summer is coming…are you gonna show up this year? There’s plenty of time to effect a radical change in your appearance and health.

tightThere ain’t nothing wrong with youth…get some!

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Triceps: 10 Best Exercises

Two-thirds of the big-arm equation is triceps, and for women, saggy triceps should be a priority, and yet, most folks, men and women both, train their biceps to the exclusion of their triceps. And for those who do train their triceps, it’s always always always cable push-downs. Well here are a few more exercises for your quiver, which I would switch up with each workout, and not just the exercises themselves, the weights, sets, and reps…all of it: Behind the back bench dips – with your feet propped on an opposing bench; close-grip bench press; diamond pushups at chest level; close-grip traditional dips; knuckles and thumbs turned inside dips; skull crushers – where you lay on your back, raising the bar from the forehead to the ceiling (also to be performed with palms in and/or in the hammer position). Okay, now for the cable stuff: palms down push-downs; palms up push-downs; hammer push-downs using the rope, and or course – turn your back to the overhead pulley and conduct extensions using the different hand positions.

The seated hammer extension; which can also be conducted with a curl bar – either palms up or down, and I could be standing or working flat on my back. ALWAYS CONDUCT at LEAST 12 sets per body part…and mix up the angle of attach with each new exercise.

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Explaining Anomalies: Growth Factor: Why some Folks Flat-Line

Being out-front in the ‘antler science’ business strokes my fragile ego and challenges my fascinations, but I’ve also encountered several frustrating anomalies. Just as I’d thought we mastered the bloodwork, some of my best, older athletes taking 1,500 mg of GF, showed no increases in their IGF-1 levels. Huh? Why didn’t their blood values move? My first thought: Does GF not work in some individuals? I already knew kids in their 20’s would show no elevations, because I ‘assumed’ their natural levels were already maxed-out. But when these younger athletes, and my older-best athletes showed dramatic improvements in both body composition and performance, despite no elevation in their IGF-1 levels, I had to concede: There’s something going on here that I cannot measure in blood values, and there’s gotta be a reason for it. What’s that reason?

The sports and HRT MD’s I’ve consulted with, (from the University of Warsaw in Poland…leading in world antler studies), over the past six months all agree: The younger kids, and older-better conditioned athletes, may not show elevated IGF-1 levels, most likely because they’re in better condition and their bodies are efficiently passing all extras. Those with less-efficient metabolisms, when augmenting with GF, would tend to pool more growth factors in their blood. (Shit…that’s me)

So if no pooling, does that mean no extra growth factors in the blood? And if pooling, is that good or bad?

Graduating first in his class from John’s Hopkins Medical School, this is what my buddy had to speculate: Just as overall testosterone numbers are irrelevant to utilizable free testosterone in the system, so it is with growth factors. If present, the body will take what it needs. What it doesn’t need, it will pass. Pooling blood values are irrelevant. It’s the quality of what’s available when the body needs it.

Not what I wanted to hear, kinda debunks everything I’ve observed, but regardless of pooling blood values, we sell the most potent ‘refined antler’ product on earth: GF 4,500 mg OVER-DOSE, and the results are undeniable. Ask any of my clients.

tightYou’re only young once…OR are YOU?

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Some Promises: Can YOU Commit to Change this Year?

Little changes can make big differences, especially with diet and exercise. Can you commit to stopping at a juice bar, just once a day…and chugging something legitimate (not a sugar shake)? If so, your skin will look fantastic by this spring. Can you commit to ‘some’ form of exercise 3 times a week? If so, that’s enough to achieve any goal (if the routine isn’t a joke). Can you cut the damn sugars? Cutting sugars will instantly trim your waist and face, seriously, inches within weeks. Can you break the addict mindset, and get your testosterone levels back down to a reasonable number, between: 600-900? If so, you won’t look so puffy, red, and stupid – and you might avoid prostate cancer. Can you hold fluid under your tongue for 120 seconds? If so, you can infuse your body with growth factors, and rejuvenate yourself. (Check out 1,500 mg Super Youth and 4,500 mg Over-Dose on our toolbar). If you’re NOT motivated like you should be, can you turn just one bad variable into a good one? ONE CHANGE COULD CHANGE YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!

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For the Perfect Butt: You’ve gotta get a Pump

Some ladies may not know what I mean when I say ‘get a pump,’ but all men with chiseled biceps know exactly what I’m talking about. To shape and harden a muscle, you’ve gotta isolate it, and work it with enough reps, sets, and weight, to flood it with blood and harden it, preferably rock hard. Sadly, all good pumps dissipate after several hours. But if you consistently get those good pumps, I promise, your butt will eventually become rock hard…full time.

photo-6Julie Cattell sporting her Boulder Crest Retreat t-shirt supporting wounded veterans. If you’d like to do something wonderful for a disabled veteran, please donate to the EOD Warrior Fund located on my toolbar. (I’m in no way affiliated…just pointing their way) A truly worthy organization.

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It’s Winter: Did You Workout this Morning?

Determination! My new fitness model, Mako…’stud cat extraordinaire,’ getting it in this morning. fullsizerender-3

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ALL GF Clients: Want Your SKIN Measured FREE?

Although our skin study is full, I’m now equipped with nifty field measurement tools, so if you’re a local client, I’ll be glad to take and give you those figures. (You can hang on to the skinformation yourself; then we can measure again in 6 months to a year). Also, please note: GF Super Youth 1,500 mg has been reduced in price to $150, and we now offer ‘4,500 mg Over-Dose.’ (Yes, it’s accurately named Over-Dose, because it’s truly too much. But the hardcore athletes, including myself, still insist there’s a difference…)

Please read about GF on our website:

xWhat’s wrong with youth?

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