Everything about Liposuction in a Nutshell – Confessional

Lipo is easy and cheap, the fat never comes back, and yes I had it done when I was 29 years old. I can’t believe more people don’t have it but there’s this ridiculous fear about it. It’s painless. It cost a few thousand bucks. And I led a mission to South Korea the day after my procedure, even had my shirt off, and my men remained clueless. (Photo below) If you’ve got a stubborn pocket of fat that’s preoccupied your thoughts for the past 20 years – GET LIPO – and never think of it again. Emancipation. How does that sound? Again, I can’t believe more people don’t get it. Now lipo doesn’t make for perfection. No cosmetic surgery does. But lipo will make a dramatic improvement. At the time, I couldn’t tell a difference, because I was shredded already. The doctor nevertheless removed and showed me later, the quart of fat from my midsection. Evidently there was still plenty. Now you’re wondering – why – if you were already shredded, would you do such a thing? Because Rohypnol drove my every decision that year, lipo being just one of a thousand seemingly insane activities. Now I’m still shredded at 51 years old. I know my decision then factored huge in my 5% body-fat now. So get it done as young as possible! Don’t wait until your skin’s given up on rebounds. Do it while your skin will recover completely. (But if you’re older, the doc’s have many tricks to clip away skin and hide scaring along skin folds…you’re still a contender for lipo) In summary, don’t live with a pocket of fat that has literally distracted your life. Don’t be a chicken-shit about pain or a few thousand bucks. I guarantee you’ll be happier moving forward in life.

I enjoyed four unnecessary surgeries that Rophie year, all the while, leading the Navy’s MK6 Dolphin System, a disastrous year. You can read all about it in my confessional, ‘US Navy Dolphins and Steroids.’ If you click on the black part of my banner, it’ll take you to my page on Amazon. Please buy one for your dog.

Pens Korea

Here I am in South Korea, 36 hours post op, directing the construction of our portable dolphin pens, wearing the requisite girdle – for 2 weeks. The men assumed it was a back brace. Not one man made a crack or even asked. If interested, I’d recommend David Liland, MD. Good man. I’ve referred hundreds to him. His office phone: (214) 692-6500.

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Best Overall Back Exercise: Curl-Ups

To develop a chiseled and more importantly, ‘functional’ V-shaped back, we have to work it from all three angles: Pulling from overhead, pulling horizontal, and pulling from the floor, and we’ve gotta move…at the very least, our own body-weight. That’s why curl-ups are the best overall back exercise, because they cover every angle, and it’s functional strength building. Not to mention, awesome for the core.

Defining the movement: Starting from a wide-grip pull-up position, we work the top part of the back. Then raising, as we bring our knees to our chest, the middle back comes into play, and eventually, as our knees point to the ceiling, we include the lower back. So curl-ups work the entire back, both cosmetically and functionally. I’d recommend at least 12 sets on back, if not 16 or 20. They don’t all have to be pull-ups, just remember to attack the back from all 3 angles.

If you’d like to watch an entire 12 round workout, I posted one on YouTube. (Here it is if you’d like to cut and past this address) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPCQyvqB0mY&t=517s









At the top of the movement, pull tight to the chest with knees at the ceiling.

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Liquid Anavar – All Natural – By Special Order Only

Okay, I now appease the instant gratification junkies with an all-natural, legal, chemical free, highly anabolic formula, that’s also loaded with deer antler velvet and CMD (Carr’s Magic Day). This formula guarantees no puff, its liver friendly, and yet to be detected by any sport sanctioning authority. (This formula is mine exclusively) The anabolic agents are ecdysterone and allantoin, among 5 other proprietary ingredients.

Carr’s post workout Anavar provides an immediate and giant high, relaxes the central nervous system (for even the most aggressive over-trainers), and will totally jack your anabolic business.

So what’s the difference between my deer antler GF and this stuff? Growth hormones and steroids are extremely synergistic when used together, but operate independently and quite differently within the body. Steroids are an immediate, direct action testosterone derivative, providing immediate anabolic results.  HGH on the other hand, is the master hormone, governing the reconstruction of ALL cells, and regulates overall hormonal balance, to include the testosterones.

Clarification: My Anavar is a steroid formula, which includes antler velvet. My GF 8,500 is a growth hormone formula, has a LOT more antler velvet in it, the growth factors have been harvested, re-concentrated, and are then taken sublingually where the growth factors can be absorbed within the human body. These two products should be used together.

Pricing: Unfortunately, this stuff is crazy expensive to make, hence by special order only, but for those who want serious, healthy, all natural, and undetectable anabolic results, this is it! A one month supply is $1,000, and there ain’t much markup. I’d recommend taking this product one month prior to an athletic event, pre-contest, pre-going to the beach, or pre-SUMMER. You can still look good by this summer!

1995 throwback: My first Anavar experience. Kelly and Scott were clean. 3

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Suma Root – Reacts in the Body like Dianabol

In the1976 Olympics, the Russians as usual, showed up strong with cutting edge medical science backing their team, this time employing the anabolic properties of Suma Root, which the world soon coined – ‘The Russian Secret.’ Suma Root is South American, and chewed there much like cocoa leaves for energy. Since incorporating Suma Root into our new GF formula and having taken an independent ‘second serving’ over the past month, I’ve noticed significant strength gains, even got a bicep pump in the shower this morning and had to switch hands shaving. Suma Root works. Why it remains unknown here in America and vacant from our store shelves is well…inexcusable. You can find liquid Suma Root online, and it’s in our new 8,500 formula. BTW: Our new GF 8,500 includes every synergistic anabolic and growth hormone substance utilized by the recent Russian Olympic Team – but at twice the concentration! LEAVE NO ADVANTAGE ON THE TABLE.

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Black Ant Powder – Unknown and Miraculous

Although you’ve likely never heard of Black Ant Powder, the Chinese Ministry of Public Health considers it the number one ‘youth’ supplement, as it reduces the symptoms of aging and promotes longevity by speeding the rejuvenation of tissue. They call it the ‘Herb of Kings.’ I’d never heard of Black Ant Powder until I studied the Russian Olympic Team deer antler formula. Now I’m a big believer.

You won’t find Black Ant Powder on a store shelf, (to the best of my knowledge), but our GF 8,500 is loaded with it. (I’ve always carried a healthy respect for ants) If you want the finest youth supplement, we make it, and promise to always add-in the most proven substances whenever they come across our radar.

Read all about antler and our formula on the toolbar under: ‘BUY Deer Antler 8,500 mg GF.’

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The Number One Vitamin on Earth – Only $100

Even if you don’t believe in HGH or that we’ve extracted the growth factors from antler, antler velvet is still the most comprehensive vitamin on earth, and now at a crazy low $100. So what are the other benefits of antler: It’s loaded with chondroitin, glucosamine, and MSM, so your joints are covered, no need to buy Osteobiflex. Deer velvet is also all protein, and contains every amino-acid and phospholipid. The other homeopathic benefits include: Improved sleep, better mood, better body composition, better athletic performance, better sexual performance, and faster healing after injury…or surgery.

But that ain’t all that’s in our new 8,500 mg product. It’s also loaded with:

Black Ant Powder: Proven to increase DNA and RNA within the cells, has 13 times the protein of meat, embodies 13 essential amino acids, and 20 minerals, primarily: magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, selenium, and zinc. (More healing)

Mucuna Pruriens: Contains a rare amino acid that’s the single best neural conductor, promoting better thinking and sleep, calms the nerves, and reduces drug cravings.

Red Korean Ginseng: Provides energy, lowers blood sugar and cholesterol, reduces stress, promotes relaxation, helps diabetes, and enhances sexual function.

Black Nettle: Reduces inflammation and pain, prevents prostate cancer and baldness (as it eradicates DHT), and is unparalleled in fighting allergies.

Suma Root: Known also as ‘The Russian Secret,’ Suma root supports the endocrine system, instigates massive cellular oxygenation, and resembles Dianobol in anabolic effect.

If you went and purchased these items individually, you’d spend 10 times the money. Don’t pass up on the most comprehensive youth supplement on the planet, at the lowest market price.

PS: I did extract the growth factors correctly, and this product does produce better results than injectable HGH. (If it didn’t, I’d still be injecting HGH and referring you to my Beverly Hills practitioner…for a giant cut of his action)

Stick with number one! We’ve got the finest GF product!P1000526

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What is Perfect Symmetry?

Believe it or not, artists (like Michelangelo) and architects (like those who constructed the Pantheon and even the Empire State Building) have adhered since ancient times to the ‘beauty ratio’ of 1:6, a ratio that draws the human eye. Let me explain as it pertains to the human physique: You want the frontal viewing ratio between your shoulders and waist to be 1:6. In other words, measure the width of your shoulders standing in front of a mirror, then divide that number by the width of your waist. For example, my shoulders measure 20 inches wide and my waist 12 inches, so dividing 20 by 12 equals 1.666. I’m close but actually a bit top-heavy.

Never lose sight of this ratio! Many men do, especially the puffy steroid guys. Whether it’s the statue of David or your body, this is the perfect ratio to strive for. This includes women.

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Testosterone Users: Life Saving Information

Statistically, one in three men will develop prostate cancer, and testosterone therapy ‘dramatically’ increases your chances, so here’s some important information: First off, every man over 40, test user or not, should be taking 1 mg per day of Propecia. Propecia strips DHT from our system. (DHT not only causes acne and male pattern baldness, it’s what causes prostate cancer). Propecia will ‘dramatically’ reduce your chances of getting prostate cancer. Now if your doctor doesn’t already have you on Propecia – get a new doctor who knows what the heck he’s talking about. Second: You need to be taking 1 mg per week of Arimidex, known generically as Anastrozole. Anastrozole strips the estrogen from our system, negating: Water retention, mood swings, and sexual dysfunction. If your doctor doesn’t already have you on Anastrozole, get a new doctor who knows what the heck he’s talking about. Third: You need to be taking HCG, either by injection or pill (yes they have pills now) three times per week. (HCG helps support our natural testosterone production – which is especially important as our bodies will stop making its own). Fourth, almost every doctor is over-prescribing testosterone TEN-FOLD! Your overall testosterone levels should never exceed 900. Around 750 is the sweetest spot. My 50+ year old buddies who look like Adonis and perform like Lance Armstrong, would never think of taking more than ¼ cc per week (50 mg) of test. If your levels exceed 900, again, get a new doctor. Yep, it all just got complicated. A little testosterone goes a long way; too much will screw you big time. But even at moderate doses, you’ve gotta be taking HCG, Propecia, and Arimidex. If not, get a new doctor who….

HRT Doctors (hormone replacement therapy), those in the know, have been prescribing all 3 to their clients for the past 15 years. The general practitioners newly prescribing testosterone have a great deal to learn.

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Get Off Steroids FAT BOY!!

Body dysmorphia doesn’t exclusively strike anorexic chicks; many men on steroids also share an extremely distorted self-image. When men take steroids, over-eat, and then gain an inch on their biceps, they think they look ‘huge’ and awesome, despite gaining four inches on their waistline and two in their face. Other folks wouldn’t even think these guys workout. They just look like fat boys. I get approached almost daily by puffed-up idiots claiming to be bodybuilders…as if I think bodybuilders are anything but ass-clowns. Crazy thing is, if these idiots got off the juice, they’d look 10 times better, and might even resemble athletes. Hardly the case. If you’re jacking the juice, and you don’t have a 12 inch top-to-drop, or even an 8 inch, then you’re just gonna look worse and worse. If you wanna look good, then eat right (checkout my veggie shake formula on our toolbar), exercise correctly (check out my YouTube video), stop taking steroids (turning yourself into a chick), and think about taking Growth Factor 8,500 (still no freebie, but something that will truly help you achieve your goals…which should be the ‘hard and dry’ look…not the ass-clown look).

If anyone got their feelings hurt, I know your pain. I’ve been that fat boy.

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Injectable HGH – How Long to Notice Results?

People ask all the time: I’m shooting HGH, when should I expect to see results? The answer: In about one year. Then they freak-out. And that’s IF they’re exercising and eating correctly. Growth hormones signal the cells to be young, repair faster, and live longer. But there ain’t no flashbang – now you look like a million bucks. Get real. Also, these poor fools are shooting bogus product from God knows where. There is NO legitimate synthetic HGH to be had in the US. Sorry. So if you’re purchasing what you think is legit HGH from a puffed-up idiot at your local gym…you’re the bigger idiot. Good grief, turn your brain on.

Good news, our antler velvet – GF 8,500 is legit, works better than synthetic HGH, does throw-off a few results quickly, and costs a fraction of the price. Unlike synthetic HGH, within 3 months, you will notice performance gains – and you will look and feel fresher. (I never noticed ANY performance gains on synthetic in 15 years) People will even compliment your new look and attitude. But again, as with synthetic, it will take a year of living correctly, with continuous use, before you look in the mirror and say – “Wow, I’ve never looked like this before.”

Growth hormones are a way of life, not a steroid water-swell, and for those consistently living this life, you will eventually notice every benefit…to include a rocking body. Don’t be short sighted about growth hormones…or about any goal! Remapping your body at the cellular level takes time.

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