10 Best Ways to Boost Endorphins

1.  Danger is best for jacking endorphin levels. If you’re not in Afghanistan or don’t have a place to go base jumping near your home, you can always race a motorcycle through rush hour traffic. Or – you can sanely opt for simple adventure. That also works.

2.  Sex ranks just behind danger, just don’t make it dangerous sex. It’s not fair to combine the two.

3.  Exercise comes in at a close third. If you’re getting some of number two, get some of this too.  

4.  Laughter – Stupid humor, humor at oneself, or even at someone else’s expense, it’s all good if it gets the job done.

5.  Social interaction is great for endorphins.

6.  Raw veggies, fruits, and nuts help maintain healthy endorphin levels.

7.  Dark chocolate is loaded with cocoa. Cocoa jacks endorphin levels.

8.  Music that grabs you will raise endorphin levels.

9.  Spicy foods can raise them.

10.  Ginseng also helps. 

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