10 Foods Highest in Fiber – and a Few More

Fiber soaks up toxins, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, and as everyone knows – makes us regular. Surprisingly, most Americans are deficient in fiber. Here are the 10 highest fiber foods and a few more you probably wouldn’t have guessed: All bran – 76 grams/one cup (which advertises around 60 on the glycemic index but other sources report 120! It’s a corn byproduct), Cauliflower and Broccoli 124 grams/cup, Cabbage – 145 grams/cup, Raspberries – 10 berries/19 grams, Leafy Greens like Romains Lettuce – 1 cup/47 grams, Celery – 1 stalk/40 grams, Squash – I cup/205 grams, Kidney beans – 1 cup/177 grams, Mushrooms – 1 cup/156 grams, and oranges – 1 orange/131 grams. 

Now here are a few more foods surprisingly high in fiber, but nowhere near the content listed above: Artichokes, pears, cocoa powder, sweet potatoes, dried figs, pumpkin, almonds and peas.   

It’s no coincidence these foods are also alkalizing and contain every vitamin and mineral. For every reason, eating correctly is the way to go! 

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