13 Days with Zero Caffeine

I’ve now gone 13 days with zero caffeine, after years of daily abuse – severe abuse – (which includes creatine abuse as most of my caffeine came from pre-workout powders) and I have some interesting observations to report.  It’s also important to mention that my kidney and liver functions have been elevated for years.  I always attributed this to my hard party days but now I’m not so sure.  My eyes have been bloodshot for the past several months, so I stopped taking products with creatine 30 days ago, but every time I drank coffee or took an energy shot they would still turn extra red.  This is why I stopped the caffeine.  Initially I did suffer headaches and muscle aches but after 6 days this subsided.  Although I am tired, or adjusting to what normal feels like, I am quite relaxed.  Several folks have commented that my demeanor is softer – which is comforting.  Surprisingly, despite this seeming fatigue, my cardio has been much better when boxing.  My sex function has also surprisingly improved – like I’m on super Viagra.  As caffeine is a blood vessel constrictor, I can see why this might happen.  My eyes have also whitened up.  In 20 days I’m going to get my blood work done and see if my kidney and liver functions have improved.  I hope to give you a good report.  Caffeine is a powerful, prevalent and overlooked drug.  If you’re suffering fatigue, insomnia, irritability, bloodshot eyes or anything else – you might give it some thought.    

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