2 Super Stupid Testosterone Textings

A guy texted me yesterday saying that he’d started testosterone, then asked – what results should I expect? I texted – your overall testosterone levels will go up, but any results will depend exclusively on how hard you train and how well you eat. He texted back – I eat okay but I don’t workout.

Honest to God! That’s exactly what he texted. I was too annoyed to respond, much less inquire as to what results he was fantasizing about. Hopefully he’s reading this. 

You won’t win a marathon if you don’t get out of bed. And you won’t get rich if you refuse to work. 

Then minutes later, another guy texted saying that he’d started testosterone therapy, that he had a big gut and was looking forward to it disappearing. I texted back – it shouldn’t take more than a week.

Will testosterone make me taller – mercy!!!   Carr 47 B 054

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