3 Months without any Chemicals

Three months ago I quit caffeine and all foods and supplements with chemicals – and wow what a difference.  This included pre-workout powders, Creatine, L-Arginine, over the counter proteins, energy type products – and not even one drop of tap water.  Initially I felt run down without caffeine, but this morphed into relaxation when I realized that I’d forgotten what normal felt like.  Now I roll into the gym feeling normal or even blah but when I get going my workouts go much longer and stronger.  It’s been amazing.  I’ve also tightened up a lot, not just my core, but in my face.  I think chemicals put a puff on me – all over.  Also, as I noted several weeks ago, my liver function has returned to normal.  I’ve lived exclusively on veggie shakes, my protein (Pinnacle Protein), rye and oat flatbread and peanut butter.  Once a week I’ll have a buffalo burger.  I recommend everyone go completely clean/raw/pure, at least for a few months to see how they feel and look.  You might get addicted to the results. 

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