3 Rapid Aging Events in Life – How to Avoid Them

The aging process is obviously gradual but there are 3 rapid aging events (3RAE) which first occur around age 35, again in the mid 50’s and once more around 70.  During these events, we distinctively age within the span of a few years.  Many can relate to a specific year in their mid-30’s when their hair suddenly turned grey and their belly grew larger.  This event signaled the end of our forgiving youth, and it seemed to happen overnight.  We especially noticed this phenomenon in others, thinking – wow – what happened to them.  In our 30’s this is attributed to the sudden demise of our growth hormone production.  When it stops – it stops, unlike our testosterone levels which slowly decline with age.  Later in our 50’s we notice another sudden change in appearance – when our girth thickens, perhaps even our wrists and ankles, and our facial features become lumpy and distorted.  We may see a long lost friend and have difficulty recognizing them.  Then it suddenly happens again around age 70.  We whither, frail out – and turn old.  If you reflect on these aging events, for the most part they’re true.  But it isn’t always true.  Many athletes, genetic marvels and diet conscious/fitness oriented people manage to slip through the net and escape these harsh aging events.  The formula for escaping 3RAE is the same formula for perfect health and body composition at any age.  (Correct Exercise + a high Raw Vegetable Diet with the least amount of processed foods and chemicals + High Water Intake + Hormone Management ).  Live the good life!

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