5 Benefits of Red Wine

Drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine per day (not 8-10) can be a very good thing because it contains resveratrol, and although many will argue that resveratrol can be purchased in supplement form, the fermented potency found in red wine is superior.  Here are the benefits of red wine:  

1.    Protects against heart disease as it contains resveratrol which raises good HDL cholesterol and protects against the effects of saturated fat. 

2.    Resveratrol also lowers the risk of diabetes as it regulates the insulin response.

3.    Resveratrol slows the aging process as it contains antioxidants.

4.    Can help prevent lung cancer as it contains Guercetin.

5.    Red wine prevents tooth decay as it hardens enamel and contains polyphenols which prevent gum disease.

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