6 Months on Growth Factor (Deer Antler) – 20 Pounds of Muscle

Lupe Ortega is a 52 year old personal trainer in the Park Cities area who takes no hormones except HGH (my Growth Factor – derived from deer antler).  He works out hard, makes his own potent veggie shakes, and he’s managed to pack on 20 pounds of muscle in the past 6 months.  His belt size remains the same.  Regardless of your goals, veggie shakes and growth hormones make the body highly responsive to inputs – whether to gain muscle or shred out.  Please feel free to copycat our veggie shake formula located on the toolbar – Veggie Shake, or read more in the first chapter of our Free eBook.  If you’d like to know more about Growth Factor and HGH, that also is located on the toolbar.

Deer antler helps Lupe gain 20 pounds

Deer Antler biceps

Lupe – Sporting a super cool T-shirt:)

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