6 Reasons to Never do an Herbal Cleanse

1.   500 calories or less per day will seriously compromise your energy levels, mental acuity and invite illness.

2.  Even if cleanses did work – they aren’t sustainable.  Once you return to your normal diet you will be right back where you started.  A permanent dietary change is the correct course of action.

3.  Whatever weight you lose – you will instantly regain, and maybe then some – because cleanses screw up your metabolism.

4.  Diarrhea doesn’t cleanse the body of toxins – quite the opposite – it purges your body of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.

5.  We already have a built in detox system, the liver, kidneys and skin – all of which are severely crippled during a cleanse.  Water and fresh produce are the keys to maintaining a healthy and ongoing detox system.

6.  Most herbal cleanses are not made fresh daily which means the enzymes in the veggies are not only dead but could cause food poisoning.

Be smart, be healthy – avoid herbal cleanses and the quacks who peddle them.  Healthy lean living is about a correct diet and lots of water.

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