A Bicep Workout – Advanced

Every dude on earth wants bigger arms so here’s an aggressive bicep workout.  I recommend switching exercises and the number of reps with each workout but this is an excellent template to follow:

1.   Reverse preacher curls (palms down) superset with (immediately followed by) regular preacher curls (palms up) using the same weight – 4 sets each direction.

2.  Standing hammer curls (using heavy weight) superset with standing straight bar curls (light weight) for a burn out – 4 sets each.

3.   Pinky up dumbbell concentration curls (photo below).  These are great for developing a peak on the bicep.  Do 4 sets on each arm – no resting – just switch the dumbbell back and forth between hands.

4.  Standing dumbbell curls superset with a lighter weight doing the same.  These are called high/lows.

This should not take more than 20-25 minutes.

Pinky up helps build a peak.    BOOK 031

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