A Calf Workout – Developing the Diamond

Diamond shaped calves are critical to athletic symmetry and everyone wants them, but most fail to employ a comprehensive and strategic attack for developing them.  So here’s an example of a correct calf workout:

1.  On the seated calf machine, perform 8 sets.  For the first set, point your toes inward to develop the inner hood.  On the second set, point your toes out to develop the outer hood.  Alternate toe direction with each set – toes in toes out.  Also, when you reach failure, grab the vertical handles above the thigh pad and jerk back to help yourself bust out more reps.  (There is a photo below illustrating these handles)

2.  On the standing calf machine, conduct 4 sets with a light weight for 25-35 reps.  This is a burnout drill, so go fast and burn them out!  Rest only long enough to shake off the burn.

3.  Find a step or box 8-18 inches tall that can support your weight.  Now, spring up onto the box with both feet, and then back to the ground.  These are called ply metrics.  Go until it doesn’t feel safe.  Then take adequate rest.  Conduct 4 rounds.

4.  Return to the calf machine of your choice and perform another 4 sets with the heaviest weight you can manage.  Now hobble home:)

This is a legitimate and comprehensive workout.  But, be creative in developing your own workouts.  Avoid routine.  Always perform 12-20+ sets on your calves, and always shift toe direction.

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