About Carr

Carr-headshotCarr Collins is a native of Dallas and graduate of Southern Methodist University School of Law. His undergraduate education included studies in Nairobi, Rome, the former Soviet Union, and at Westminster College and Oxford University.

Carr graduated college in 1988 and spent the next seven years as an officer in US Naval Special Operations (1140).  He received extensive training in diving and explosives, and led the MK6 (killer dolphins) his final year of service. He also served as Operations Officer aboard USS Salvor in 1992 setting the world record to date for the deepest open ocean salvage, recovering a downed helicopter from 17,251 feet of seawater.  Carr was selected to lead US Secret Service TSD teams in response to assassination threats against President Bill Clinton in 1994 and Prime Minister Bhutto of Pakistan in 1995, and to stand honors officer of the deck aboard USS Arizona during President George Bush’s visit on the 50th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1991. He stood that same watch again in 1992 for President Clinton.

Carr went undefeated in all swimming events throughout his naval career.

Carr has spent the last fifteen years as a private consultant on foreign coastal security.  He has also been highly involved with mixed martial arts, both training and in numerous business ventures. He built the first MMA gym in Dallas, The Lion’s Den in 2002.  After two broken necks and two subsequent neck surgeries, Carr now seeks to assist others in realizing their dreams – but he still enjoys extreme sports and a good fight.

Carr’s most recent book, Winners and Losers, targets troubled youth with inspirational snapshots on safety, character, patriotism, and God. He’s written a trilogy of novels inspired by his adventures in Navy Special Operations and in later consulting work: The Temporary Hero, The Hero in Hell, and The True Hero. All are fun, informative and easy reads. From his early years, when working as a UN journalist, he published a collection of 40 short-stories entitled: The Bad Young American. His recent tell-all is entitled: U.S. Navy Dolphins and Steroids – The Damning Confession of a Special Operations Drug Smuggler. All can be found directly at the domain address: www.CarrCollins.com