Adrenal Recovery with Bovine – A Follow Up

Two weeks ago I took a Zyto Scan which revealed that I had seriously weakened adrenal function.  I knew the test was accurate because I’d been abusing energy powders and was perpetually fatigued – and by then totally immune to them.  So the doc recommended I take desecrated bovine adrenal glands.  I picked up a $30 bottle and started taking it twice a day.  Oddly, the first day I wasn’t really tired.  I haven’t had more than one caffeinated product per day since and again haven’t been tired – at all.  Funny how caffeine can turn on us like that!  At the two week mark, I took a single serving of NO-Explode (a pre-workout energy powder) and it hit me like a ton of bricks.  My adrenals had obviously recovered a good bit.  I believe bovine works.  If you go for the bovine adrenal treatment, stick with it for at least a month and cut back on the caffeine.  Give those adrenals a chance to heal.

In a slump, try desecrated bovine adrenals.

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