Americans – Get Tough Now

First off Happy Memorial Day and God bless the veterans who served this great nation.  I’ve written several essays on the subject of getting mentally tough and it might seem bazaar or irrelevant to keep harping on it, but times can get tough – like in WWII Europe when bombs fell on everyone.  Everyone fought for food rations and everyone lost loved ones, but when times are soft – real soft – like now, then people get real soft, and you don’t want to be soft when it’s go time.  And this doesn’t mean we have to be facing war, social upheaval or cancer, keeping mentally tough is what life is all about.  Being mentally tough means making correct decisions in everyday life despite difficult circumstances.  These are the decisions that define our heroes, our individual character and our morals.  So think of getting mentally tough in those terms.  Be moral – regardless.  Always exhibit strong character!  And be a hero when called upon.  If America continues on with its politically correct retardation, tough times will soon be upon us.    

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