Another Idiot Trainer Exercise – Pushing around on Your Hands using Sofa Coasters

Personal trainers often come up with stuff so stupid I can’t help but laugh out loud. Recently I’ve seen them put coasters under the hands of their clients (on the carpet) then have them push themselves around the room. First off, this isn’t much work for the legs since half the weight is up on the hands. Second, the upper body is static, the muscles aren’t being worked through a range of motion, so for the upper body this is just as worthless as isometrics or holding the plank position. (There’s a reason we stopped doing isometrics 35 years ago – guess the plank turkeys didn’t get the memo) Third, what in real life does this motion translate too? Have you ever seen a person pushing themselves around on their hands? If you had a piece of art that you were trying to push up a wall, maybe this nonsense could be of use. And don’t give me the beneficial bedroom argument:) Sure, you could break a sweat doing this, but you could just as easily break a sweat standing on your head in the corner of a room. This so called exercise is a complete waste of time. If you need a trainer, run from the sofa coaster guy. He’s a freaking idiot.

When you plan your exercises, always ask yourself what muscles get worked, how effectively they get worked, and how it translates to real life.

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