Are You Dating People You can’t Stand?

How many times have you dated people you can’t stand? Incredibly, it happens all the time, usually for money (men included). Or did you do it because you were bored. It was convenient. No one better came along. They doted on you. They helped you with this or that. You didn’t want to be alone. Well, I can’t ever do it again! I’d rather pet my cat and stuff twinkies up my nose on Friday nights. If you’re in such a relationship, you need to look inside at what’s wrong – not with them – with you. If you can identify your deficit and fix it, the right person will leap in front of your car. So if you’re shut in drinking every night, wacked on pills, financially irresponsible, easily seduced, feeling sorry for yourself, refuse to address your eating disorder, or want someone to fix all your problems, you will never find Mr. or Mrs. Right. (I’m stuck on stupid so I probably won’t find Mrs. Right – but there might be hope for you:) Sorry to reverse the situation on you, but this is reality 101. Mr. and Mrs. Right are also looking for Mr. and Mrs. Right – and they won’t settle for less. Don’t compromise on your next relationship, just get yourself straightened out. We’ve all heard the cosmic cliché – like attracts like.     

1992. Oahu, Hawaii. Could we possibly be more loveless?   00000026

Stationed in Hawaii, I was lonely and wanted someone to be there for me. She wanted someone to solve her problems and support her. Guess how long that relationship lasted? Nine months too long!

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