Are You Living like Caligula?

Nobody’s perfect and everyone has a vice – but how many vices do you have? And is one of them a deal breaker? The deal breakers have to go – period. No more smoking crack or eating a gallon of ice cream before bed. But seriously, how much are you doing wrong? Are you just eating one Starbucks muffin per day but otherwise eating perfectly? If so, enjoy the muffin. But are you eating 3 a day and having 2 large meals at night? Are you also drinking and smoking. And are you also taking antidepressants and binging on sugar before bed. The problem with most Americans is – they’re doing sh%t wrong all day long. We Americans need to get a grip. After all, what’s life about? I know it’s not about self-indulgence all day every day. We might think it is, but it’s best to exercise discipline in every area of our lives. Don’t live like Caligula. 

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