Are You Over Training?

If you’re neurotic about training – this article is for you! We’ve all heard about over training, and many serious athletes do over train, but in truth, most people don’t qualify. Here’s the difference: People who think they may be over training – are not overtraining. Those who truly over train – can’t stand the thought of missing a single workout!

With over training, it’s not about the muscles being over trained, but rather an overload of the central nervous system. Going 100% daily for extended periods of time seriously frazzles the central nervous system.

Muscles repair quickly with adequate rest and a good diet. But if you truly go 100% every day without breaks and adequate rest, you’re going to find yourself weak, anxious and depressed. I do it all the time, but instead of resting, I’ll take more energy powder and drive myself completely into the ground.

Don’t be foolish! If you’re feeling weak, anxious and depressed, take a break or tone it down. It only gets worse!

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