Are You still Training in 1984?

A lot of men at the gym still think 4 sets of heavy bench press, 4 sets of heavy squats, 4 sets of military press, and 4 sets of curls constitutes a workout. No wonder they still look like meatballs. This format did nothing for them back in 1984, yet they’re still doing it 30 years later. Some people never learn. Others however did learn something over the past 30 years and now conduct scientific workouts (with high sets and high reps of unique and comprehensive movements) and couple it with a scientific diet. These guys get amazing results, even as senior citizens. You can’t make progress without correct work and a correct diet.


1. We’ve learned to eat every two hours, that sugars and starches make us fat, and that we should eat lean proteins and raw vegetables throughout the day.  

2. Again, that we should work our muscles from every angle, with a myriad of different exercises, and with lots of sets and reps – not so much with heavy weights.

3. Important, but coming in last at third: Make sure your hormone levels are adequate, but not excessive.

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