Aspirin Works Miracles on Blood Flow

Many athletes eating a high protein diet and many men over age 40 suffer a high iron count (thick blood). I’m one of them. I can give a pint of blood one week and the next my hematocrit’s right back to 58. So I take an aspirin every morning, and since I’m always giving blood testing one thing or another, this is what I’ve observed: When I’m taking an aspirin a day, my blood flows like water. If I run out of aspirin and forget to buy more, it soon moves like sludge. (It takes 7 minutes for me to fill a pint bag on aspirin – and 20 minutes when off!!) Think what a difference that makes in the body. Although aspirin will not lower your iron count, it will thin your blood. This not only reduces your risk of stroke and heart attack, it means better oxygen transfer, nutrient delivery, and waste discharge.

The same gal often draws my blood, and the first thing she does before drawing the blood is check my hematocrit – always 58. Then when she sees the blood moving in the line, the first words out of her mouth are either – Wow, you need to get back on aspirin – or – Wow, that aspirin really works. 

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