Athletes – Try Adding Sweet Potato’s to Your Veggie Shake

Athletes have high carb demands needed for sustained energy and full muscles but the key is finding carbs with a low glycemic index (which means they’re gradually absorbed and don’t spike your blood sugar) – like sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins and minerals, just like dark veggies, and also have unique enzymes which help our bodies absorb protein.  Important Note:  If you elect to add them to your veggie shakes, you need to first briefly cook them.  In their raw form, those same enzymes impede protein absorption.  THIS IS THE ONLY TIME YOU WILL EVER HEAR ME SAY COOK YOUR VEGGIES.  RAW IS ALWAYS BEST.  This is an unusual exception.  I’ve been adding them to my shakes for the past few months and have definitely noticed more energy.

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