Attention Dream Chasers – Failing Is Part of the Process

I never got married, never bought a big house and never developed a career because I wanted the luxury of pursuing my dreams (or rather pipedreams), but I mostly failed along the way.  I’ve got 3 unpublished manuscripts, 6 failed fight ventures and 2 revoked contracts for mercenary work in East Africa.  (The list is actually much longer)  When I was in Special Operations I was fortunate to receive a paycheck – but my other ambitions had no guarantee – so I’ve eaten a lot of mud.  I know the taste well.  If you want to be a dream chaser, I have only two bits of advice:  One – make sure you can afford to do pursue them, emotionally and financially.  Think long and hard.  It’s a starving artist lifestyle.  Two – and I’ll say this about everything – never quit!!  Failing is okay if you never quit.  Pipedreams sometimes come true for those who work hard.

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