Best Home Gym – For Performance Junkies

I haven’t been to the gym in over a year, because the more I train for performance, the more inadequate every gym becomes. They don’t have weighted vests, certainly not 20 and 40 pounders. They don’t have ‘real’ kettlebells. Their pullup bars have those sloppy rolling rubber grips. And their dip stations have those counter weighted kneeling pads, always crowded with turkeys essentially doing 10 pound dips. I was about to design and build my own piece of equipment when I stumbled across Marcy’s ‘Olympic Strength Cage’ at Academy Sports – for only $450. I could not have designed it better myself. With a 5 X 5 footprint, it fits anywhere, and it’s solid. I can put on a 40 pound vest and explode pullups without any play whatsoever. And it has every conceivable overhead hand position. On the right side of the cage, it has an overhead and foot pulley, with a spine to load free weights on the outside, and comes with all the necessary bar attachments. On the left side are vertical slots for storing free weights, with shelves above where I set dumbbells. The front side of the cage has adjustable Olympic bar brackets. (I use them to hang my weighted vests) And the dip bars stick out the back. For another $25, I bought rings to suspend from the top, making for more challenging dips, or inverted back rows. Most people never use their home gym equipment, but if you’re a motivated soul who’s sick of being pestered at the gym, driving there, and being deprived of old school functional strength equipment – check this out: The brand is: Marcy. It’s called the: Olympic Strength Cage. Great money spent!

There is it, simple yet comprehensively perfect. carr 48 009

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