Best Liver Product on Earth – Liver Giver

If you’ve partied (or still party) like Keith Richards and me, it’s time to start mending your liver. As a profitless service to my web based clients and local friends, I’ve developed the finest liver formula available, with the purest ingredients and dosed it to the MAX (my style = overdose:) at our production cost of $20 per unit – for a one month supply. Although I can’t sell them individually and ship them over the internet for a loss, I’ll throw in two bottles with every two bottles of GF purchased (two at the same time that is). And if you’re local, it’s just $20 straight up, or I’ll throw in one bottle with every bottle of GF purchased – again, locally. Just run down one of our reps. If you’re taking Liver Guard or another liver support formula, ours is better, the very best – and we’re obviously the most affordable. Our private label vendors (physicians) plan to sell this formula for $100+. If there is even moderate interest in this product, I will continue to sell it individually at cost. God knows many of us need it. Remember: THE LIVER METABOLIZES FATS. Healthy liver = less fat!

Product Information: Contains 220mg of: Wheat Grass Sprouts, Milk Thistle Seed, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf, and Shilajit (for total absorption).

Provides 30 thick daily servings, or a 10 day detox.  liverr

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