Biceps – The Most Cherished and Worthless Muscles

Every man wants a knot on his arm and every woman takes note of them, but biceps are worthless to sports and functional strength. They’re a vanity muscle and nothing more. God made our biceps small because they were meant to hoist food from our plate to our mouth. Think about it, what sports involve bicep strength? Football, baseball, track, basketball, boxing, swimming, no no no, only rowing – kind of. Big arms actually cripple athletic performance, slowing them down and retarding flexibility. If you want to size up a man’s athleticism and strength, look at his legs, core, back and shoulders. Let’s put an end to bicep hysteria. The next time you see a dude with big swollen biceps – go punch him in the face. Don’t worry, I promise he won’t know how to fight. 

.Just an oversized nose picker.    biccep

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