Bikini Weather is 4 Months Away – Ladies, take the Growth Factor Challenge

Ladies, four months is plenty of time to sculpt your physique. And don’t let the word “growth” distort your understanding of what growth hormones do. Although they made you grow as a child before your bone platelets fused, they now keep you young – with tighter and more supple skin, firmer muscles – AND LESS BODY FAT. You will not grow into a bodybuilder. For those willing to commit to a 4 month run of it, I’ll gladly consult you free of charge on your diet and routine (men included – money is money). I’m looking for success stories and I need more women. This should include you!    

No bulk on this Growth Factor junky (Dena last spring at 47)    Dena Raw 2012 065

To my existing lady clients at Equinox – this offer of course already includes you:)

Growth Factor – I’m the only guy on earth manufacturing a deer antler growth hormone product that comes with a blood work guarantee. This stuff rocks!

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