Blink Four Times and You Are Dead!

During the first half of my life, I believed in my heart that I was still but 16 years old, driving down the road in a 79 Trans Am with a bong between my legs and rocking out to Led Zeppelin.  Then I blinked twice and suddenly found myself 45 years old.  When I crested that mountain of my mortality, I suddenly noticed the downhill slope was quite short and quite steep, making me wonder – good grief – what’s the point?  But gazing back upon the peak of that mountain, I realize that it is a literal mountain and I am literally a climber, and it is my duty to secure the lines for those behind me, and to move in the right direction, and to guide as many as possible to safety.  We’re all somewhere on the mountain.  If you were lucky enough to crest that peak, remember your obligations to others.         And don’t blink twice more:) 

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