Body Weight Exercises are Best

Pushups are a superior exercise to the bench press – not only for developing the chest – but the entire body.  This is because pushups are performed on the hands and feet while holding the body in the plank position.  This places every muscle in the body under tension, thus building not only the chest but functional strength and conditioning.  (Building functional strength requires effort from every muscle in the body)  Bench pressing translates into nothing functional in the real world.  It only develops the chest.  Can you remember a time in life when you needed to exert 300-400 pounds of pressure straight forward without using support muscles – like your torso and legs!!!  Of course not.  Bench pressing is worthless.  Pull ups, dips, leaping squats – any leaping drill, and pushups will always be superior to gym machines and free weight isolation exercises.  (But you can add weights to supercharge body weight exercises – IE – like wearing a weighted vest)  Muscle isolation work is required to build and sculpt specific muscles – I can’t deny that – but keep that muscle functional – for real world activities.  Your body weight is all you need to develop the body you want.

There’s a lot more going on here than just developing the chest.  Dena 2013 013

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