Buffalo Meat – The BEST

Four ounces of buffalo meat has 25 grams of protein, no sugars, no carbs, only 124 calories and only two grams of fat!  It’s also dense with B12, B6, potassium, iron, zinc, copper and selenium.  Cow meat has FIVE times the fat of buffalo meat!  And turkey and chicken have TWICE the fat of buffalo.  Most burger joints now offer buffalo meat for an extra fee.  The meat is slightly sweeter than cow, but it’s certainly worth getting used to.

There are important enzymes found in red meat that humans need at least once a week – so when going red – go buffalo.  Also, the rarer the meat the easier it is to digest.

For a quality burger, try Liberty Burger at the corner of Inwood Road and Forest Lane.  Tell Dace I sent you.  And if you try Hop Doody in Preston Center – expect them to get your order wrong.

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