Buy Ubiquinol not CoQ10 – A Youth Supplement

Ubiquinol and CoQ10 are the same thing (coenzyme 10) – as the body converts CoQ10 into ubiquinol, but this conversion process becomes difficult with age, especially after age 40. Both cost the same, so just buy it already in the form of ubiquinol. You’ll absorb it better. Ubiquinol is probably the most important anti-aging supplement there is (aside from Growth Factor). CoQ10 (ubiquinol) is a vitamin like substance found within every cell of the body that produces cellular energy (in the form of ATP – which then drives every function in the body). It also triggers our body to remove antioxidants. Anti-aging is about cellular preservation, as is athletic performance, our looks and overall health. Since our bodies lose the ability to synthesize this critical enzyme around age 30 (the same time our growth hormone levels fall off), it’s an important and legitimate anti-aging supplement that everyone should be taking. While growth hormones signal the cells to stay young, ubiquinol is a nutritional enzyme (food) for the cells to stay young.

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