Can You Stack HGH and GF?

Although the results of GF (Growth Factor) empirically exceed those of synthetic HGH injections, many of my hardcore clients insist on taking both at the same time – called stacking. This is their thinking – HGH injections stimulate the body into making it’s own growth factors whereas GF is a direct introduction of these bio-identical growth factors. They want to load themselves from both ends – just like the guys who take bio-identical testosterone and also inject HCG to stimulate their own testosterone production. Is it bad to take both HGH and GF – no. But is it a waste of money and effort – yes. Having optimal growth factor levels is optimal whether you’re getting it this way, that way or spending 5 times the money. Unlike synthetic testosterone which shuts down natural production – GF does not shut down natural growth hormone production – because natural production shuts down almost completely around age 35. Those who switched over from synthetic HGH to GF will tell you – things got much better – and they would never consider wasting money on both.

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