Colostrum – The Finest Protein for Recovery and Building Lean Muscle

When any mammal gives birth, the first milking is a substance called colostrum which is not milk – but a onetime super first meal – the most important and nutritious meal the newborn will have in its life.  Colostrum aids in recovery and builds lean muscle mass better than any food in nature.  It’s also loaded with more immune factors than any other food in nature.  If you want the very finest protein – go with an organic fed, hormone and antibiotic free colostrum protein.  Colostrum is the pinnacle of protein.  Please check out our Pinnacle Protein.  I noticed differences in my performance and body composition after only six weeks.  I encourage everyone to Google the benefits of colostrum – as well as the benefits of growth hormones.  These substances can make a real difference in your appearance and health.

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