Combining Muscle Sculpting with Performance Training (Advanced)

You don’t have to be in one camp or the other, you can enhance performance while sculpting muscle. To sculpt a muscle, you have to work it with a least 12 sets and from 3 angles (ie chest – lower chest, middle chest and upper chest). To develop functional strength and performance, you have to work every muscle in the body at once and push your anaerobic threshold. I combine these two formats by conducting 12 full body round robins, doing a leg drill, followed by a pull drill, and then finish with a push drill, changing the exercises after each four rounds, moving to different muscle angles. Here’s a sample workout: For the first 4 rounds, I might do 20 Suma squats, then 20 pullups, followed by 20 decline pushups. (Then I rest as long as I need – which could be minutes if I put together a murderous routine) So after 4 rounds, I’ve completed 80 vertical leg reps, 80 overhead back reps, and 80 upper chest. For the next 4 rounds – switching out muscle angles, I might do 20 straight leg deadlifts, 20 dumbbell rows, and 20 dips. So now I’ve completed 80 reps on my hamstrings (back of legs), 80 back reps pulling from the front, and 80 reps on lower chest. For my final 4 rounds, I might do 20 side to side leaping lunges wearing a weighted vest, then 20 pullovers lying flat on my back, then 20 flat flys with dumbbells. See what’s going on here? Each 4 rounds, I’m working the major muscle groups from a different angle, so the body building concept is in place, while also developing functional strength and conditioning. Then, with each workout, I completely mix up the exercises I perform. I might do all pullups one day, but using 3 different hand positions, or perhaps tuck my knees to the ceiling changing the angle of attack to a frontal pull. Or I might do all pushups, but moving from decline, to horizontal to incline. The exercises you can do are infinite – limited only by your imagination. I’m constantly making up new exercises and variations to existing ones. It’s been over a year since I’ve been to the gym (aside from the fight gym), and I feel better than ever. I’m completely sold on this format. It meets every demand. It’s never the same. It never gets old – and throws off great results. 

Note: When putting your rounds together, place your strengths in the same rounds with weak areas. Pullups come easy to me but legs kill me, so I’ll put my difficult leg drills in the same rounds with pullups.  

Train to look good – and kick ass in your sport:)     carr 48 020

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