Compression Suits could Revolutionize Your Training

The world was first introduced to compression suits (compression tights) during the last Olympics when almost every swimmer and runner broke the previous records. This wasn’t a remarkable fluke of modern training, but the result of modern garment science. The custom compression suits worn by Olympians were proven to increase blood flow, oxygen delivery, recovery, and performance by 20%! And that’s why we may not see them again in certain sports – because they’re definitely performance enhancing. The suits used by Olympians are custom, expensive, extremely difficult to get in and out of, and obviously unavailable in retail stores, but there is one legitimate brand found in the civilian sector – and that’s Zoot. (You can find them online or at Luke’s Locker – tops and bottoms each around $120) This is not true of brands like Body Glove and Under Armor. They claim to manufacture compression suits, but their stuff is made from single ply spandex – a far cry from true compression technology which is multilayered and reinforced over major muscles. If you’re training hard and looking for an edge – like everybody is – check out Zoot….and of course our Growth Factor:)

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