CRP – The Best Risk Indicator for Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack and Infectious Disease

The CRP Test (C-Reactive Protein Test) measures cellular inflammation, the actual state and health of our cells. It is the best fundamental indicator we currently have for determining one’s predisposition to cancer, stroke, heart attack, infectious disease and projected longevity. This test should be added to everyone’s routine blood work. (The additional cost is about $50) Obviously, you want to score zero – no inflammation – but anything below 1 is acceptable. If you score 2, you need to look at your lifestyle and determine what’s causing the inflammation. If you score 3 or 4 – you’re begging for disaster and need to get extremely serious about your lifestyle.

These supplements can help reduce cellular inflammation: Turmeric, Bromelain, CoQ10, Aspirin, our Growth Factor, and of course lots of clean water.   

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