Cure Your Flatulence – Don’t Stop Juicing

Many who blend or juice fresh veggies suffer flatulence, and I’ve probably written ten articles on the subject, recommending everything from a change in protein powder, to using less veggies, to garlic/lemon tea, but I’ve finally stumbled onto a cure that works for everyone – sour dough bread. Most health conscious types recoil from the word bread, but sour dough bread has no sugar, so it won’t trigger an insulin dump. It’s slightly higher in calories, but that’s no big deal except to the poor souls counting calories – those already doomed to failure. Try adding in 3-4 slices per day. Adding bread into your diet is easy, as most are already accustomed to bread with every meal. If you give this a whirl, let me know how it works for you. I won’t post your name:)

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