Dealing with Night Cravings

We really shouldn’t eat before bed – but I do – every night.  I can’t help myself.  I even had a friend (Stan) call me late last night lamenting this weakness.  So here’s the deal.  The reason we shouldn’t eat starches or sugars before bed, or any time is because they cause the release of insulin.  Insulin crashes the body.  And this is exactly why we crave sugars and starches at night because our bodies then dump insulin which helps us fall asleep.  Our brains subconsciously know this – hence the craving.  But insulin also triggers fat storage and shuts down growth hormone production – which is especially bad during sleep since our metabolism is moving at its slowest.  We’ve got 3 healthy options:  Refrain from eating before bed, if you can, or eat proteins without starches or sugars, or fool your sweet tooth by using agave nectar to sweeten a low glycemic food – like nonfat Greek yogurt or plain oatmeal.  It’s okay to add dark berries and shaved nuts.  The key is to keep that final chow low glycemic – which means keeping your blood sugar low so your body doesn’t release insulin.  

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