Deer Antler Proven to Mimic Stem Cells

A recent study at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences has proven that antlerogenic cells (from deer antler) act in the body similar to stem cells.  Stem cell treatment is a process whereby generic cells (usually fat cells) are encoded to target specific areas of the body for cellular repair.  It is demonstrated that deer antler also identifies areas of the body needing repair and initiates localized cellular rejuvenation.  More specifically, this particular study regenerated bone, cartilage and even the ear of a rabbit.  We are going to hear much more about deer antler in the future!  If you’d like to know more about deer antler, please look on our toolbar under the header – Growth Factor. 

If anyone would like to read the study, please email me and I will send it your way.  It’s quite technical and about 30 pages, but it’s fascinating stuff.

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