Defeating an Attacker

The element of surprise is the key to a successful attack and situational awareness is the key to successfully avoiding an attack.  It doesn’t mean much to have a gun in your pocket if someone casually walks up and knocks your lights out.  You have to see it coming.  You have to be ready.  And this means maintaining situational awareness.  If you see a questionable individual or situation, take a wide berth, cross the street, keep your hand in your pocket or purse holding your weapon at the ready and never let anyone get within striking distance – like 15 feet, not 4-6 feet – even if they’re asking for directions or money.  If they’re closing your position – PULL YOUR WEAPON – let them see it!  If you don’t have a weapon or can’t retreat from the situation – then bluff.  I was returning from a store in the wrong part of town and found 3 NFL size men blocking the door to my car.  I didn’t have a weapon but I walked straight toward them, held my right hand behind my back – as if about to draw a pistol and confidently announced – part the way gentlemen!  They parted like the Red Sea.  (I got lucky that time – but I’ve never since put myself in that situation)  Remember, an athletic man with a plan can move fast!  Don’t be a victim like the great majority – maintain situational awareness.  Be on your game.  Most attacks can be avoided.

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