Defeating an Attacker with a Baseball Bat

If someone is coming at you with a baseball bat I know you’re thinking it’s best to run, but that’s how people get their heads bashed in.  And you don’t want to cower and cover your head.  That just means your arms get smashed along with your head.  This may sound counterintuitive, but if you find yourself in this situation, immediately close the distance.  They won’t expect that.  Get inside of their swing.  Same thing when fighting someone with a long reach.  Make their tools ineffective.  Jump inside and punch a hole through their face, or jump in low and punch a hole through their gut.  Anyone holding a bat has both hands occupied.  Even if it’s a smaller bat and they’re wielding it with a single hand, they can’t cock a bat and at the same time successfully defend themselves.  Think about it.  Once you close that distance – you get a free first strike.  Make it count.  And then don’t stop whipping them!  Nothing is over until it’s completely over.

Ladies:  Even if you leap in and hug the guy – you might have saved your life.

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