Define Your Own Look REALISTICALLY

We all have different body types; and each type has its own strengths and lends itself to certain looks – all of which are unique, interesting and attractive. Be real. Figure out your look and how to maximize that look. Many people doom themselves to disappointment because they want to look like someone else with a different body type. We all can’t be swimsuit models. I have a skinny runners frame. I decided at the age of 19 that I wanted to look like a carved up surfer. That was a realistic goal for me.

If I were big and burly, I would have gone in a different direction. It would’ve been unrealistic to seek the surfer look. Instead, I would have maximized the gift of large muscles and gone for the big and bad look. If you adopt a realistic mindset, you can always achieve your goal.

Be real about everything; whether it’s your diet, your workout or your goals.

This is an excerpt from the first chapter of my ebook which is FREE to download.

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