Defusing the Anger Bomb

I’ve struggled my entire life with sudden and unjustified anger.  Many soldiers, professional fighters, football types, trial attorneys and addicts have spent a great portion of their lives reinforcing aggressive behavior – because it worked for them and they got their way.  But outside the arena, anger never brings about a correct solution.  Deprogramming this innate response takes work.  Most people never stop to analyze their behavior, much less own up to incorrect behavior so step one is acknowledging this pattern of behavior.  Step two is making a firm commitment to change it.  Then comes the hard part, making a concerted effort throughout the day, each day, to stop – turn on the brain – and refrain from the anger response.  Fake it – until you make it.  Any behavior that’s constantly reinforced will become a habit – which includes going to the gym and eating correctly:)  (If pills, caffeine or alcohol are exacerbating the problem – stop taking them!  Caffeine often leads me to a bad place.)            

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