Dena Tightens Up

Dena had never lifted weights, given thought to her diet or managed her hormones until she met me 3 years ago, but she instantly took to all three – doing my workout routine – drinking veggie shakes throughout the day, every day – and then taking GF.  Dena has good genetics, but she’s still made extraordinary progress for a woman in her mid-forties.  The photo on the left is Dena at age 44, 1.5 years into training, and on the right today at 46 years old, 3 years into training.  You can clearly see how Dena’s continued to tighten up, especially her core and legs.  Dena has done everything right – which harkens to a saying we had in the Navy – it pays to be a winner!  (I would’ve put up a photo from 3 years ago, but I didn’t wanna push my luck:)  


At the 1.5 year mark.      At the 3 year mark.  

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