Developing Hamstrings – the Biceps of the Leg

Everyone wants a nice curve on the back of their legs, especially me, but my curve is still negligible after years of focused work; however it has paid dividends in my performance, shaving almost half a second on my 100 sprint and surprisingly increasing my functional strength.  Most people fail to work their hamstrings, but if you want to enhance your shape and performance – you need to work them.  There are 5 primary ways to build and strengthen hamstrings:  Sprints, straight leg deadlifts and all 3 gym machines – seated under curls, standing hamstring curls and face down curls.  I recommend doing 4 sets of each exercise and mixing up your workouts by changing the repetition schedule – sometimes going down the rack, sometimes going super heavy and other times shooting for high reps.  The 4 gym movements are illustrated below:

Seated Undercurls – 

Straight Leg Deadlifts –

Face Down Hamstring Curls –

Standing Hamstring Curls –


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