Developing Your Back

Most guys think wide grip pull downs are the best exercise for widening their back and I’ll concede they are important (I do hundreds of pull ups every week), but my back never broadened until I started doing heavy wide grip rows from the front.  When it comes to developing the back –  you have to work it from all 3 angles (the Rule of 3 – as with every muscle).  This means work pulling from overhead, from directly in front and from 45 degrees above the horizon.  And you can’t squeak by with 12 sets and make any progress.  I’d recommend at least 8 sets from each direction for a minimum total of 24 sets.  I like to do 10 round robins of back work with a minute of rest inbetween rounds.  Something like: 20 pull ups (changing hand positions each time), followed immediately by heavy wide grip rows and then light weight high rep pull overs – then 60-90 seconds of rest.  (I change up my routine with each workout.  That’s critical!)  This sort of routine is great for developing functional strength and conditioning as well as building muscle.  (Always strive for all 3 goals)  For more information, please read the chapter on “workout philosophy” in our Free eBook located on the toolbar.  

Always work the back from 3 angles.   Carr 47 B 048

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