Did You Peak in High School?

Hollywood loves to portray the former quarterback who peaked in high school, now overweight and jobless, but still living in  past glory days. Sadly, it’s too often true, while others peak in college before taking the quick slide to sludge. But there are many middle aged folks coming back into their prime, and you can be one of them. The human body is amazing and can rebound at any age. My brother Chris is competing nationally in kettlebell sport (age 45) and often placing first (if not always placing first). And Dena again looks like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (if not better at age 47). Whatever your age, make NOW your peak – and keep it that way. Just make the requisite lifestyle changes: Correct diet + optimal hormone levels + correct exercise. For a quick synopsis on achieving correct health, please download our free ebook located on the toolbar and read about Growth Factor, also located on the toolbar.

If you’re not with the program – please – get with the program.

Dena age 33 – much hotter 15 years later:)     photo[1] (2)

If you’ve got a success story for me – please shoot it my way.

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