Diet Coke Causes Osteoporosis

All carbonated soft drinks create health hazards – especially diet soft drinks.  The expanding gas causes distention (expansion) of the stomach and small intestines which creates greater appetite.  The sodium kills good bacteria in the intestines disrupting digestion.  They erode tooth enamel, but worst of all, they dissolve calcium in the stomach forcing the body to leach its calcium needs from bones (causing weak and brittle bones – osteoporosis).  The truth is – with all the chemicals in Diet Coke – that we can’t even pronounce – who knows what it really does to the body – especially long term.  And I shudder to think of all the people I know who drink 6-12 per day!!

The one exception for carbonation is with water when travelling in third world countries.  Since carbonation kills bacteria, it may be a good idea to drink bottled water that’s carbonated.


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