Diet Meal Replacement Drinks and Powders are Junk

Supplements are big business, and they should be because they afford many health benefits, but many people drink diet meal replacements to the exclusion of real foods.  Meal replacement drinks and powders are not real food. Numerous meal replacement products claim to have every mineral, green source, benefit and living enzyme under the sun, but when I read the label, I always see – xantham gum – guar gum – and fructose hidden at the bottom in tiny letters. And NOTHING packaged sitting on the shelf has living enzymes.

I don’t need to elaborate on fructose.  Everyone knows fructose is sugar and should be avoided.

Xantham gum is a cheap preservative and food thickening agent derived from 3 sources of corn sugar.  It’s supposed to make you full, and it does, but it also coagulates and turns to cornstarch during digestion.  This can cause bloating, gas, diarrhea, gastrointestinal blockage and even respiratory distress. Many groups are pushing to make xantham gum illegal.

Guar gum is another cheap filler almost identical to xantham gum.  It also expands in the stomach.  Again, the FDA warns against gastrointestinal blockage.

These products induce a false feeling of full and could lead to serious vitamin, mineral and caloric deficiencies – especially if one isn’t eating enough raw fruits, vegetables and natural proteins.

If you see these chemicals in a product, replace it on the shelf.  EAT A CORRECT AND COMPREHENSIVE DIET, and augment your diet with worthy supplements.  Don’t go for a false sense “of full” with chemical meals.  Whenever you read a label, start at the bottom.

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