Don’t be a Hypochondriac about Pain

Most of the time physical pain and the actual injury are disproportionate. (As with emotional pain:)) I’ve cut myself diving in dark harbors, almost bled to death and didn’t even know I’d been cut until I returned to the surface. (Maybe some sharks out there knew I’d been cut) Other times, I’ve slightly twisted my knee and thought I needed a morphine drip. If you pick up a radical pain, stop the activity, baby the injury and obviously don’t do anything to exacerbate the pain, but DON’T run to the hospital like the typical American crybaby. (That’s one of the greatest problems with our healthcare system) You’ll know soon enough if a trip to the ER is truly required. I’ve found that 99 times out of 100, if I just do my part (resting, wrapping and icing) these pains usually let off completely after a month or two. If it’s not broken or torn, all the doctor can do is give you a pill and send you a bill – or worse send the American tax payer a bill. Don’t be a wimp about pain. Just be smart and do your part.

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